Debbie Sutton

Debbie and Andy have been married for over 35 years and throughout that time Debbie has lived every day of his journey with him.

The two together are very close, love spending time together, always found laughing and giggling and are generally renowned for getting up to mischief! Together they are a joy to behold and an inspiration.

Debbie is an incredibly talented crafter, especially anything involving paints, wool and anything sewing related! She has created wedding dresses, tutu’s, bridesmaids gowns, curtains, pillows, blankets, baby outfits to name a few; there’s nothing she can’t do!

Over the years Debbie has become Andy’s primary carer for his condition, assisting with the day to day as much as she can (and he will allow!) Although the future is largely unknown, together are an formidable and unstoppable couple. Debbie always has been and continues to be Andy’s number 1 supporter.