British Canoeing have been a massive contributors, without their ongoing generosity and knowledge has been crucial in driving this challenge forward.


The AlpKit Foundation was set up in July 2015 to help people overcome obstacles and enable them to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things. They have generously donated £500 towards the event.


Lomo Watersport has kindly donated kit for the event. Their wetsuits and accessories use only the finest wetsuit materials and top class neoprene from some of the world’s top neoprene manufacturers


Reed Chillcheater have been incredibly generous in donating a cag for the event! Reed Chillcheater Dry Cags are waterproof, lightweight, flexible, perfect for what we’re needing throughout the event.


Kari-tek have donated a kayak carry system for the car, making getting the kayak on and off the car so much easier! Their kit is so easy to use. Karitek Ltd is there to “help folks to get out there and enjoy the outdoor life.” The company specialises in providing sea kayaks, paddles, kayaking kit and innovative solutions for canoe and kayak handling.

BAM bamboo have been so kind in donating pairs of their fab socks. The main reason we love their socks (apart from the great colours!) is for their thermo control abilities “thanks to its hollow microfibre (like wood) yet is also breathable. Performance in all temperatures” Perfect for someone like me unable to feel their feet!