What’s a Greenland Paddle?

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Carbon Fibre Greenland Paddles – yeah, we didn’t know either when he told us!

Andy’s colleague at Rutland Canoe Club, John Thomason first introduced Andy to the benefits of the Greenland paddle.  Because of the strain of pushing the wheelchair or using crutches Andy is prone to wrist and shoulder complaints.  Even using his Werner crank handle Corryvrecken paddles, after a good paced 7 mile paddle Andy would suffer with twinges of shoulder joint and wrist pains.

When he tried out a wooden Greenland Paddle Andy was struck by the efficiency and smoothness of the stroke.  Always looking for new projects Andy decided to make a carbon fibre paddle similar to the one he found online (check here if you’re interested)

Using his own design he produced a prototype that was OK (we thought it looked ace!) but a little lacking in refinement… apparently Andy said “it actually sounded like a plank when it entered the water” Back to the drawing board!

He modified the design narrowed the blade and curved off the end, what resulted was a really neat paddle, slightly heavier than he wanted at 960gm but really smooth and efficient.

Andy has now made and additional 3 paddles for colleagues at the club and now only uses the Greenland Paddle.  He finds that he no longer gets the kind of shoulder pain that he experienced using the euro paddle and generally is less tired than before.  He will probably try and make a slightly lighter paddle for the challenge using the same design but fewer layers of carbon fibre.

We think it looks ace, like the ninja of the paddle world!

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